Posted on September 20 2023

In case you haven’t heard of the cosy gaming world’s latest release, FAE FARM ticks the boxes of a farming sim, but with added quests, magic, flight (!) and online play with friends. I hear you “Take my money!”, we shouted the same, and it does not disappoint!

Being big fans of Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and Disney Dreamlight Valley, it seemed like Fae Farm was the perfect combination of all three, and honestly it really is. Quite literally in some ways, from working the mines to removing huge thorns, and making friends with villagers. Only it’s so much more.

The added quest and magic elements to this game really set it apart. Aside from being freaking adorable, it also adds another layer to keep you playing. You learn magic as you go (as well as earning your wings to fly!), which again just keeps you coming back for more!

If you haven’t got this game yet, we strongly recommend diving immediately in, or adding it to your Christmas list. We think this is the perfect Nintendo Switch game for cosy gamers this Christmas!

Be warned though, the recipient might not emerge again until the new year…


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