Posted on September 25 2023

We are so, SO thrilled to finally announce something we’ve been working really hard on for a long time - NOTION TEMPLATES! We are huge fans of Notion (see our PREVIOUS POSTS), and knew that we couldn’t keep the secret to ourselves. Notion has changed the way we keep on top of our personal lives with hobby trackers, reading planners and travel plans. More than that though, it has also changed the way we run our business day in and day out. It is our number one productivity tool, as it enables us to have all the big and little stuff under one roof.

As such, we have become pretty intwined with the beast and wanted to share our knowledge and expertise with a bunch of templates for you all - kicking off with two bigguns!

The Complete Library Hub - Everything you need to keep track of your library and its inhabitants.

The Complete Small Business Hub - Everything you need to run your small business awesomely, every day.

We’ve started with the two we use the most, and have a number of theme options for you to choose from. We’ve put a dropdown guide on every page to help you along, as well as a downloadable PDF to give you a bit more info on tweaking widgets and aesthetics.

We’re incredibly proud of the hard work that has gone into these, and the others we’re working on for future releases! We hope you love them as much as we do.

Notion really will change your life…


If you haven’t used Notion before, you can create a free account with them and get started immediately! These are affiliate links, so if you sign up they know you came from us! 💜


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