Hey book lover

Welcome to Paper + Word, your book-loving home away from home. We’re so glad you found us!

Here at Paper + Word, we specialise in luxury gifts for book lovers. We know how getting lost in a story is the best feeling in the world, so we sell our favourite book essentials as well as some sumptuous treats to make reading even more enjoyable. In addition to our bestselling book sleeves, we’ve curated some of the best book-related items from small businesses across the globe, to elevate the experience even more and ensure it’s the best it can possibly be.

Since our very first sale in 2018 we’ve not only had the pleasure of serving thousands of incredible booklovers, but also working with Penguin Random House, OwlCrate, Puffin Books, Usborne Books, Vintage and Fiction Bath Co, as well as being featured in Stylist, Country Homes & Interiors, Period Living, Woman&Home and more!

Once upon a time…

Paper + Word was dreamt up on a long commute to a design agency in Liverpool. Having just landed her ‘dream job’*, our founder Abby was suddenly faced with the reality of reading on the train. Uninterrupted reading time? Incredible. Her precious books getting bashed in her bag? Physically painful.

When she could only find options that were flimsy, cheap, or really strongly fandom-based, Abby sourced her own cute fabric and made her own. Friends started to ask her for their own version, and when she put them on her bookstagram account, her book pals wanted them too. In October 2018 she set up shop, and here we are today: with book sleeves, gaming sleeves, and a whole host of hand-curated goodies to make your me-time even more special, and our very own Secret Society to share all the bookish joy!

*Little did she know it would lead to her actual dream job, which is making book sleeves and talking to book lovers across the world all day

About us

Abby Munro, founder

In case you haven’t guessed – I bloody love to read. My favourite genre is fantasy, and you’ll rarely see me stepping outside of that (I think Throne of Glass is better than ACOTAR – fight me on this.) I love reading to escape, and frequently listen to audiobooks so I can multitask. I’m also a big fan of cosy gaming, and Animal Crossing is pure comfort to me. When I’m not indulging in some me-time, you’ll likely find me outside with Liam and our little boy. We love gardening and running around a good National Trust spot!

My book recommendation: I have made it my personal life mission to ensure everyone reads The Realm of The Elderlings series by Robin Hobb.

Liam, photographer + animator

I love cooking, going to the gym and coffee! I always start the day with one – a flat white or an aerocano if I’m feeling fancy (a steamed iced coffee situation – you can thank me later). I make dinner most nights with a good podcast on and try to workout 3 or 4 times a week. But my favourite thing is getting outside with Abby and our little boy Forest, especially going to a National Trust place to let him run wild and get inspiration for our own garden.

My book recommendation: Mystery Man by Bateman because it’s hilarious.

Beth, social + content

I’m freelance so I work funky hours which can sometimes mean an early morning or a late night, but I run all things social media. Creating through film and photography are both huge passions for me, and I’m a content creator on Instagram and YouTube too. As well as being a big reader, I also love film, being outside, and playing games; Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a current fave, and I’m partial to a trip to the theme park too. 

My book recommendation: If We Were Villains by M. L. Rio, it is fabulous! It’s a dark academia thriller with an amazing atmosphere and setting, lots of Shakespeare and theatre references. I read it at the perfect time for me and it’s stuck with me ever since.