Hand-curated gifts for book lovers

Welcome to Paper + Word, where we’ll never judge the size of your TBR pile (in fact, we’ll help you add to it – because a new book is never a bad idea.) 

Alongside our best-selling luxury handmade book sleeves, we sell unique bookish gifts and bookworm essentials for people who love reading for what it is: the ultimate soul-soother in an ever busier world. Whether you read in every spare moment or you average out at once a week, we’re here to make that moment of self-care as ease-filled and luxurious as possible.

Bestselling luxury book sleeves

Where it all began - the Paper + Word handmade book sleeve. Meticulously designed to be the perfect size and shape and brought to life in gorgeous limited edition fabrics each month, our award nominated book sleeves are the ultimate way to protect your precious cargo.


Nothing would make a bookworm happier (other than maybe the final Game of Thrones book, now? Please?)

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Kindle accessories

If you prefer a screen, we’ve got you covered (pun intended). We're also the only Strapsicle stockist in the UK! You're welcome.

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Bookworm essentials

Accessories to elevate every reading experience, from bookmarks to reading journals.

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Notion templates

Keep track of your reading (and your life) with our downloadable Notion templates.

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Secret Society

Exclusive designs, early access, special gifts, behind the scenes access to Paper + Word and a community of your fellow booklovers – the Secret Society has the joy of Booktok, the camaraderie of a book club, and the excitement of new arrivals all in one.

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The Quirky Cup Collective is here!

We are SO excited to finally reveal our grand plans to be a UK stockist for the notorious Quirky Cup Collective! We have reading journals, dateless planners, lined journals, pens, bookmarks, stickers + more!

Each and every product has a luxurious, magical feel to it. There's an abundance of foiling, perfectly weighted pens, the thickest tassels on planet earth, and lots of coordinating items!

The team are absolutely obsessed with Sydonie's creations (as they should be), and we just know you will be too.