Posted on October 18 2022

It’s October which means it’s all about the witchy reads, it’s the season of the witch and we’re here with all the witchy books! We wanted to recommend you some books we’ve been loving the vibes of and think you’ll love too! 

Her Majesty’s Royal Coven, Juno Dawson

We went on a journey with this book, wow! Following a group of witches who were childhood friends, but are now all grown up and facing all new threats. This book was an incredibly powerful read with all the emotions, action and otherworldly evils. It’s hard to talk about it fully without spoilers so we’ll keep shhh, but go read this book… are you reading it yet…?

The Ex Hex, Erin Sterling

Witches, romance, academia, sex, The Ex Hex is the perfect blend of contemporary fantasy. After cursing her ex-boyfriend years ago, Vivi realises she’s brought a threat to her town and must right her wrongs. This definitely gives off Gilmore Girl vibes with the chilled humour, easy-going family bonding and cute, cosy town setting. 

Mooncakes, Wendy Zu & Susanne Walker

This is a romance between a werewolf and a witch, in graphic novel format, and there’s a fictional bookshop, what could be better?! This story is about a rekindled love, a fight for what is right and a romance we were so rooting for. The art style is so lovely and colourful too and when you look at that cover you have to admit it’s perfect for autumn! 


Perfectly Preventable Deaths, Deirdre Sullivan 

This duology follows twin sisters as they move to a new life in a small Irish town, a town with secrets and missing teenage girls. The twins have very different reactions to this new town and whilst one fits in, the other struggles and starts to pick apart their new home. This series is brilliantly atmospheric and dark! 

Akata Witch, Nnedi Okorafor

This is the first book in a fantastic fantasy series following a young girl who has never fit in. Sunny was born in New York, lives in Nigeria and is albino and therefore very sensitive to the sun. Sunny finds herself in a new friendship group with new magical abilities forming and a mission she must join! This book is all about friendship, embracing your differences and finding your place in the world, plus magic so it’s the perfect witchy read for October.  


We’d love to know which witchy books are on your TBR this month! 

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