Posted on October 28 2022

We’ve been falling down a horror-shaped rabbit hole this month, with lots of spooky and haunting books to be read… so before the ghosts come for us, we thought we’d recommend you our current top five!

The Last House on Needless Street, Catriona Ward

This book. Played. With. Our heads. Following the events of a young girl going missing, we see multiple narratives including a suspicious man, a cat, and the now-adult sister of the missing girl. This a story with many layers and revealing just one of them could give away more of the plot than we want to. But just know this book will suck you in, completely confuse you (in the very best way) and hypnotize you. 

Five horror books to sink your fangs into this Halloween

The Final Girl Support Group, Grady Hendrix

A brilliant take on slasher horror, putting the final girls trope into the real world and following their story as someone is trying to target them. This book wasn’t scary but my god was it gripping! It felt like one big homage to slasher films whilst also bringing this genre into reality in a very clever way. The array of characters processing their own traumas, whilst experiencing new ones, means you’ll never be without depth and emotion in this book. 10/10 would recommend! 


White Smoke, Tiffany D. Jackson

PSA: read this book with the lights ON! Following our main character who is moving to a new town because of her mum’s work - her family moved into a house in a very new and very empty neighbourhood and perhaps a touch haunted too… This book was totally excellent and creepy, definitely a brilliant YA horror to give you goosebumps and have you checking over your shoulder. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

The Haunting of Hill House, Shirley Jackson

A classic and for a good reason! This is a staple of haunted house novels complete with all the ghostly goings-ons and isolated spooky setting. You can probably guess what this book is about, a house, that is haunted, sure, but it’s being occupied by four people who know the house is haunted and have come through its doors anyway.  


The Nesting, C. J. Cooke

This is another haunting tale for the list, set in the isolated corners of Norway and following a woman masquerading as a nanny to get away from her old life. She goes with a family to stay in Norway whilst they build their new house and ends up getting swept in with the lore of the land and the hauntings that come alongside it. 

So these are five of the horror books we’ve been loving recently, we’d love to see your recommendations down below! 

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