We've Decided to Stop Planting a Tree With Every Order

Posted on January 17 2024

We have planted almost 6,000 trees together over the last couple of years, which is incredible. But we've now made the tough decision to stop planting a tree with every order. Since planting our first tree the cost to plant has gone up by 400%, and will keep climbing! Whilst we understand the reasons for this, we fund every tree from our profits (meaning we don’t sneak it into the P+P or product costs!) and it's just no longer feasible.

Whilst we're gutted, we're also SO proud that we’ve planted so many trees together!

This change doesn't mean we're stopping everything though - we're still a climate action workforce and we will keep funding global carbon avoidance projects across the globe every month, as well as continuing to plant trees as a business. We have loads of other yummy things that make us as sustainable as possible, such as compostable packaging etc, which you can read more about here.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!


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