How to Read More With Notion

Posted on February 13 2024

Notion has become our best friend for a good while now - we use it for everything and we mean EVERYTHING. We’ve created our very own Notion templates, including one for book lovers to help you keep on track of your reading and your library. 

Not used Notion before? Check out this blog post first , or head here to get a free account (affiliate link).

Having a space to keep track of all things literature helps us to read more and feel more excited about reading. We’ve been reading way more since we’ve created a space to store our library digitally, track readathons and log our book buying. 

Here’s a few features of our template we think you’ll love. 

The Library

A central hub to log all of the books you own, their genres, spice rating, what you rated them, special editions and more! This space feeds into other areas of the Book Lover’s Notion Template too so you can keep track of any new books and your current reads. 

Reading Tracker

Keep track of your reading from books read and five star reads to books you’ve DNF’d. This is a space to see your current reading list and see all the books you’ve finished this year. 

Reading Challenges

If you’re into readathons and reading challenges, this space will be for you, letting you log all upcoming and past events with a calendar and tracker for your TBR.

Book Buying

One thing us readers are very good at is buying books, lots of books. Some would say too many books, but we don’t condone that sort of talk. In this space you can keep track of your budget, log your pre-orders and view your spending month by month. 


This is a space to jot down your favourite quotes and keep a note of top moments in your book, categorised by different themes. 


For the word nerds among you, the Vocab page is perfect for making a note of any new and unusual words you come across, their definition and their origin.

Sticker Sheet

We’ve made lots of different themes for our Book Lover’s Notion Template so you can pick the perfect vibe for you, each comes with its own sticker sheet so you can add in additional assets to make your digital organisational space aesthetic. 

Using this digital library makes us feel way more on top of our reading and our ever growing TBR *hides in the corner ignoring adult responsibilities*. We hope our Notion templates help you be the boss of your library and read more too! 

• The Paper and Word Team •


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