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Posted on February 12 2024

Hey fellow bookworms and Kindletok enthusiasts! 📚✨ If you're anything like us, your Kindle is not just a device; it's a lifestyle. With the rise of Booktok and Kindletok taking over our feeds, it's time to level up our e-reading game with some killer accessories. Buckle up, because we've curated a list of five must-have items to turn your Kindle into a viral sensation!

1. Book Sleeve Bliss

Let's kick things off with a game-changer – the BOOK SLEEVE. Say goodbye to scratches and hello to style! The absolute BEST accessory in our humble opinion (too much yet? 👀😂). A chic book sleeve not only protects your Kindle from the outside world but also gives it that extra oomph. Imagine pulling out your Kindle from a beautifully designed sleeve that matches your current read – instant Booktok magic!

2. Sticker Mania

What's a TikTok trend without STICKERS, right? Dive into the world of customisation with Kindle stickers that scream personality. From a giant pile of floofy waffles to holographic crystals, your Kindle is a blank canvas waiting to be adorned. We love a cheeky nod to our fave fandoms here too - Illyrian wings, anyone? Our fave way to display stickers is under a clear case, so we can keep changing them out without the dreaded commitment of actually sticking them down.

3. Strapsicle Swag

If you're all about multitasking and hands-free reading, the Strapsicle is your new bestie. These adjustable and super cute straps securely hold your Kindle, making it way easier to read on the go. Choose a strap that complements your Kindle sleeve for that extra dash of coordination, or mix and match different colours! These are also great for accessibility purposes too - Abby’s mum has arthritis in her hands and these are a god send!

4. PopSocket Pop

We've seen them on phones, and now it's time to bring the PopSocket trend to your Kindle. It feels like this is was always their destiny. These little guys not only provide a secure grip but also act as a stand for hands-free reading. There are soooo many out there that you will always find one that resonates with your aesthetic.

5. Page Turner Remote Power

Introducing the page turner remote – the ultimate game-changer for lazy Sundays or when you're all tucked in and don't want to disturb your cozy reading position. This wireless remote lets you flip through pages with ease, adding a touch of tech-savvy charm to your reading routine. Paired with a bendy tablet holder you will have neeeever been so comfortable whilst reading!

There you have it, folks – Paper + Word’s ultimate guide to Kindle accessories! Embrace the Kindletok revolution, and let your e-reader shine.✨


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