Posted on February 14 2023

We love a big chonky fantasy to get stuck into *cough cough* Robin Hobb *cough cough*, BUT we also love that feeling when you finish a one sitting read, shorter book, so we thought we’d throw some recs at you. These are all books we think are doable over a weekend, or over a day of reading! 

The Weyward Children Series, Seanan McGuire

This book series is teeny tiny, but definitely packs a punch! This series is all about children who have journeyed to magical lands and have been forced back to the real world. It’s set initially in the school they are all sent to and we get to see many different stories from their magical worlds throughout the course of the series.  

Assembly, Natasha Brown

This fantastic and poignant read is a book of stories within stories. Following our narrator preparing to attend a garden party with her boyfriend’s family, this book also looks into her own analysis of herself. It’s a story of race and class and one woman on a journey to control her own story. This is a very hard-hitting book, but well worth a read.


Before the Coffee gets Cold, Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Warning, this book may make you cry. Set in a coffee shop with a magical twist, when you sit in a certain spot in the shop, you can travel back in time, but they cannot leave the coffee shop. This is the first book in a series and explores the question of what would you change if you could go back in time?


Hex, Jenni Fagan

Hex is a fantastic feminist story set in the late 1500s in Scotland during the North Berwick Witch Trials. We are following Geillis Duncan on the last night of her life. On this night Geillis is visited by Iris, she has come from the future to hear Geillis’ story and tell her how women are treated in years to come. This is, sadly, a timeless story, but a truly fantastic one. 


Convenience Store Woman, Sayaka Murata 

This is the story of Keiko, who hasn’t ever really fit in, she faces pressures from those around her to conform in certain ways, despite being happy with the familiarity of her life. These pressures keep building throughout this novel, pushing Keiko towards a path she doesn’t want to take. The blurb of this book pins it as quirky, but we’d say that takes away from the seriousness of what this book talks about and Keiko’s character.

So here are our five short book recommendations, perfect for a long weekend or an evening to yourself! Do you have any short book recommendations you think we’d enjoy?

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