Settling into things

Posted on May 14 2024



We're a few weeks passed the big launch now and I can see signs of the new way of life settling in...

I'm still mopping up little bits that couldn't be ready before the launch, like review requests, meta data, wishlists, back in stock notifications etc. Honestly I could probably tinker for all eternity, but I'm going to make sure everything is done by early June so that I can settle into the new way of things!

I'm thoroughly enjoying the change through. It's lovely to incorporate new things into my daily schedule, whether it's shooting new types of content (are you enjoying our more relaxed style?! I still worry a little 😂), shopping for new stock or checking the plethora of analytics now at my fingertips!

We've had some team changes too. Our wonderful Chip left for a super cool gaming job, and we have had the lovely Amy join us in her stead. A lot has happened all at once, and I think it will take me a while to see the impact.

In other exciting news - all 5 of the Quirky Cup Collective parcels (I told you I got a lot 👀) have officially landed in the UK! Two sailed through customs and are being delivered today! I can't believe how quickly they've arrived! We'll be getting everything on the site for the end of June, as there is a LOT to photograph.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the new P+W home! 🫶

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  • Katie


    May 21, 2024

    Absolutely loving the new style of content! Super relaxed and fun! Can’t wait to see more of this month’s stuff and all the Quirky stock!

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