9 Unusual children's books you probably haven't read...

Posted on July 05 2024

One thing I was particularly excited about when it came to motherhood, was sharing my love of books! I'm very glad to say that so far at least, my almost 4 year old adores reading.

There are a huge amount of brilliant books that most parents buy, including The Gruffalo (and every other Julia Donaldson), Percy The Park Keeper (my personal childhood favourite!) and The Tiger Who Came To Tea. However, I am always on the hunt for something different at home. Firstly because it's nice that he gets to read different books at home or pre-school or Grandma's house, but also to keep myself entertained as let's face it.. I'll be the one reading them for the forseeable!

We have a good bunch of autumn and winter favourites that I will share with you in the future, but here I have collated a list of our current favourite year-round children's books that, just maybe, you might not have read yet. 

So without further ado, here is 9 brilliant and unusual books for 3+ year olds...

1. Triangle by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

This book, and all others in the series, are absolutely brilliant. Simple stories and illustrations with laugh out loud cheeky humour. Enjoyable for adults and kids!

2. The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield

A beautiful story about a bear going on his own life journey, cheered on by supportive friends and family. A little bit teary, but incredibly wholesome.

3. How to Grow a Dragon by Rachel Morrisroe and Steven Lenton

Such a fun story written in an incredible way! The full descriptions whilst in rhyme makes it a joy to read aloud, whilst also feeling natural and unforced (an incredible writing skill!). 

4. The Bedtime Book of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life by Dean Lomax

My dino obsessed child is incredibly particular about factual information. He wanted real dinosaurs with educational content and diagrams... which of course isn't always appropriate for a three year old! This book however, delivers it all. The illustrations are detailed and accurate without being scary, and the facts are short, sweet and plentiful. There is a different life form on every page as well as timelines, so we often have a request for X number of dinos before bed!

5. I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

I... just buy this book. It is shocking and hilarious and demands to be reread immediately.

6. Franklins Flying Bookshop by Jen Campbell and Katie Harnett

Dragons and books - what's not to love? The illustrations are absolutely beautiful, as as the descriptions of the many books the characters read together. 

7. The Littlest Yak by Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley

One of the first books we bought, and one I know off by heart. The rhyming in this book always sent my little one to sleep when he was small, and the heartwarming story is about enjoying being small and being loved. The cosiest of all books.

8. King of the Swamp by Catherine Emmett and Ben Mantle

A book you could look at for hours and still notice new tiny details! A fun story about silver linings, with an abundance of nature!

9. The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes

A short and simple story about a little gardener who needed a little bit of help. Again, another that we love for the illustrations and the details hidden throughout! We have a lot of the featured plants in our own garden too, so my little one loves pointing them out. To him he is, of course, the little gardener.


So there you have it - our current most-read, more unusual children's books. If you have any other recommendations please share! 

I'll make sure to post the list of our favourite seasonal books soon...