March '24 Newsletter

Posted on April 24 2024

Each month when I sit down to write this email I reread the previous one first... mostly to make sure I'm not about to repeat myself, but also because it always blows my mind how much can change in 4 weeks! 

Firstly I'm going to again thank everyone who took the time to fill out the membership questionnaire - we have begun putting changes and additions into motion that you will see in a few weeks time!

So an update on the bigger stuff - most of the website prep is finished, and a brilliant friend of mine who is a copywriter by trade has been helping with some of the more important elements. Honestly we have never sounded so good 😂 - I can't wait for you to see it! 

The fun stuff starts on April 8th, so I will show you some sneak peeks as soon as I have something to share. As for your subscriptions, as soon as we ship the Spring box (next week), you will have a shipping notification followed by a subscription cancellation. This is to make sure your May 1st renewals don't go through, so you can move yourselves over to the new platform. It's also a good chance for you to update any sleeve size preferences etc! Again, I will send full instructions nearer the time (I can't tell you yet as it still doesn't exist!).

Behind the scenes at the moment it is still much of the same - the team are working on the current collection, prepping for the next one, and getting Spring boxes ready to go. Beth is putting a lot of effort into getting some backlog content posted to Pinterest, as well as prepping for the big change launch campaign. It's a huge amount of content for socials, emails, blog posts etc. If I'm completely honest it's a little overwhelming 😂, but we're plodding through one step at a time!

Personally, I've finally been able to start spending time in the garden and prepping the veggies for spring! I often spend a lot of time through the year maintaining, harvesting and planting the kitchen garden, so this year I've chosen an easier route. I've got all my veggies except the pumpkins as seedlings, and I've specifically chosen things that will grow all year, or yield all summer. I'm then throwing wildflowers like poppies and cornflowers in some gaps just to add more colour. I LOVE experimenting with different plans each year, so I can't wait to see what it looks like!


Member of the month!


Your preferred name & pronouns: Adelle or Addy pronouns are She/Her

What do you do?: I manage at a healthcare facility in North Dakota in the US!

Favourite book sleeve: Sundae and Chanterelle

Favourite book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Current read: Bright Young Women on Kindle and The Throne of Glass series on paper!

Random Fact about you:  I have two kids and one on the way (Freya (9), Trym (3) and a little boy in June). We also have two sweet pups, Loki, a German Shepherd, and Greta, a Newfoundland. We are just a bunch of weirdos! I love to read, crochet and spend time with my family! (Not too random but I'm not that exciting! lol)



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