Posted on April 23 2020

I think it’s safe to say March was a little bit bonkers for everyone… As such, I wanted to read something I knew I would love. Something comforting whilst I navigated some crazy life hurdles. Of course, I turned to one of my favourites, Throne of Glass.

I adore every book in this series, but I think my favourite is probably Heir of Fire. We meet some of my favourite characters and I just LOVE where this book is set! Excellent character journeys and just gets me all geared up for the rest of the books ha.

I mostly read physical books, but I also listen to the same book on audiobook (either Scribd or Audible) as I like to fully immerse myself! I tend to listen rather than read when I’m in the bath (eyemask time, hellooo) or when I’m sewing. Sometimes I’ll pop my AirPods in whilst i’m cleaning too… ha. Do you absorb a book in multiple mediums, or stick to one? One thing I never do is use an e-reader… I think they are AMAZING, especially when commuting or travelling, so you can always take a library with you without breaking your back! However I spend sooo much time looking at screens, I just need to keep my devices in my pocket so I’m less distracted.

I think my favourite of the series is Heir of Fire. You meet some of my favourite characters, in one of my favourite place settings, with amazing events and character journeys! Ughh I love it. I mean, I love them all to be honest… clearly… ha.

Super excited to continue with the series in April!




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