Posted on September 30 2023

September’s book sleeve collection is here and serving spook 👻. We’ve brought some subtle witchy hallowe’en designs into this month, along with the permanent introduction of our 13” and 15” laptop sizes. These prints look even more incredible in their supersized forms!

All of our sleeves are available for paperback, hardback, Kindle, Nintendo Switch and now 13” + 15” laptop sizes.


Belladonna is the deepest plum cotton with a vibrant poisonous flower pattern, including tiny cobwebs, moons + skulls! We've paired this with a spooky purple inside.

Sickle is a rich cream with a beautiful moon and leaf pattern in warm boho colours. We've paired this with a dusky rose inside.

Raven is a midnight black with a gothic teal floral design. We've paired this with a black inside.

Gourd is a smoky black with purple pumpkins! It’s paired with a green inside. (MEMBER exclusive)

Lichen is a mossy green with peach tinted nature designs. You’ll find ferns, toadstools, moths + more! We've paired this with a green inside.


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