Posted on December 13 2022

Love Actually and The Holiday may be top-tier Christmas films, but what about some of the newer films that have come out in recent years? We wanted to make a list of our top festive films from the last five years… including a mini-series because we couldn’t resist…

Your Christmas or Mine?

A cute and funny rom-com following two uni students who each decide they want to surprise the other for Christmas by visiting them at their family homes. As you can imagine, it doesn’t go too well and they each end up at each other’s house, alone. This was very wholesome, funny, and just a good bit of festive joy. 


Something from Tiffany’s

If you watch one new Christmas film this year, make it Something from Tiffany’s. A romance following two couples who accidentally switch Christmas gifts that changes our main character's life as she knows it. This one made us feel really good and very smiley, subtly Christmassy, the perfect watch!


Happiest Season

This is one of those true meanings of Christmas-style films, following Harper who brings her girlfriend Abby back for the holidays, but just tells her family Abby is her friend. Thus ensues a lot of mix-ups, awkward moments, and laughs. This film also has an emotional thread running through it so it really has it all! 


Holidays can be tricky when you’re single, so Emma Roberts' character in this festive rom-com finds herself a date who comes in handy for the holidays. This is a little sexy, a little silly, and a lot of fun! 


Dash & Lily

If you’re looking for a series to keep you hooked this festive season, Dash & Lily is soooo cute! It follows two teens who interact through a notebook they hide across New York for each other. They each have their own family issues this Christmas and are also trying to get to know each other more. It gave us all the feels and was super sweet. 


Single All The Way

Following Peter who is desperate to evade his family’s judgment about being single, he brings his best friend, Nick, home for the holidays instead and to pretend they’re now in a relationship. This is another super cute, super fun holiday romance to give you all those warm and cosy vibes!  


Last Christmas

A homage to George Michael’s fantastic music, this film follows a woman caught in a series of bad decisions, until she meets Tom and things start to change. This is a much more emotional Christmas film filled with very real struggles and is brilliantly done, capturing how tough mental health can be, especially at this time of year. 

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

If you’re a fan of Christmas magic, this is one for you. Following an eccentric toymaker, his granddaughter, and a very wondrous creation that could change their lives forever. This one is a musical and is visually stunning, something a little different for your Christmas watch list.


The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

If you’re a Nutcracker lover, or just love magic and whimsy in your festive films, this is one for you! This is a truly stunning retelling in which we see Clara transported into a very magical world filled with all kinds of wondrous beings. All is not well in this land and it’s up to Clara to fix things. This film has an amazing cast and will sweep you away!

The Christmas Chronicles

When two siblings stay up late to try and catch Santa in the act, things don’t quite go as planned for them as they embark on a journey they could have only dreamed about. This one is a really good family film to sit down and enjoy together with a big bowl of popcorn. 

Which festive films have you been loving recently? 🎄

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