How to Adult Like a Boss With Notion

Posted on March 15 2024

Notion has come to our rescue more than once over the past year, being able to centralise all of our thoughts, feelings and plans in one space has been a HUGE help! We created a Personal Notion Template to help you keep track of your hobbies, watchlists, food planning and more! 

Opening up Notion feels like letting out the breath you didn’t know you were holding (heh), it’s a relief to see all of your thoughts written down in one place. Our Notion template can help you boss adulting and stay on top of the big scaries by having them trackable and easy to digest. 


Digital journal means you can get straight to the writing, we’ve done the bulk of the work for you by making a template that can work for you. All you need to do is fill in your journal entries and log your daily habits. We’ve even included some shadow work and prompts for you!


Who doesn’t love a good cosy hobby? Whether you’re into crafts or like something more active, this is a great place to keep track of your hobbies with everything from Pinterest inspiration, shopping lists and budget - and to remind yourself to spend time doing more of what you love. 


We can’t be the only ones guilty of starting a million TV shows and not finishing any of them… right? Well this watchlist helps you keep track of what you’re currently watching, what genres the shows are and which ones you’re waiting on news series for. 

Plant Care

Being a plant parent is no joke, which ones need watering when, where is the best position for them to be. This page lets you keep track of all your plants and what they need. 


One of the most overwhelming things on a busy day is working our what to eat and what to buy in your food shop, but the Food page of our Personal Notion Template lets you plan your meals in advance and create recurring meals and custom recipes. 

Goals and Check Ins

Having a space to keep track of your goals and a reminder to check in with them is so important and something it’s super easy to forget about. This page lets you set monthly goals, or go quarter by quarter. 


Keeping track of a budget can be really hard to get started with, but once you have, it can be a really valuable asset. This page lets you track your spending, your income and outgoings and your savings. 

Mindful Workspace

If your brain needs a calming workspace to crack on with some tasks, be they work or personal, this is the page for you. You can focus on specific tasks and use the a built in pomodoro timer to stay on track. 

Sticker Sheet

Our Personal Notion Template has two different designs to choose from, Cosy or LoFi and each comes with it’s own sticker sheet so you can add in additional assets to make your digital organisational space perfect. 

We hope this Notion Template helps you boss adulting, be THAT GIRL, and just generally get more done and feel calmer in your own head. 

Not used Notion before? Check out this blog post first, or head here to get a free account (affiliate link).

• The Paper and Word Team •


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